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Medicare’s Annual Election Period


The Annual Election Period Is also called “Open Enrollment” by many. However there is no difference between the two. The Annual Election Period is the time, (usually it starts October 15 and ends December 7th of each year) Medicare Beneficiaries should use to review and make any changes to their Medicare Health and Drug Plans. The changes will begin the following January 1st.

New Medicare ID Cards Are Coming

Medicare will mail new Medicare cards between April 2018 and April 2019. Your new card will have a new Medicare Number that’s unique to you, instead of your Social Security Number. This will help to protect your identity. Things to know about your new Medicare card

A). You don’t need to take any action to get your new Medicare card.
B). The new card won’t change your Medicare coverage or benefits.
C). Medicare will never ask you to give us personal or private information to get your new Medicare number and card.
D).There's no charge for your new card.




Watch out for scams

Scam artists may try to get your current Medicare number and other personal information by contacting you about your new Medicare card. They often claim to be from Medicare and use various scams to get your Medicare Number including:

    * Asking you to confirm your Medicare or Social Security Number so they can send you a new card.
      * Telling you there's a charge for your new card and they need to verify your personal information.
        * Threatening to cancel your health benefits if you don’t share your Medicare Number or other personal information. If someone calls you and asks for your Medicare number or other personal information, hang up and call us at 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).